Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative - Organizational Growth and Change

The Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative is pleased to share the structural and branding changes happening with the organization as a result of the organization’s growth and opportunities to expand our reach in the genomic medicine arena. 

A “collaborative” organization is one that brings together multiple organizations to achieve a common goal. As we continue to grow, we envision the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative as an “umbrella” organization that houses other programs with a common thread of genomic medicine development. By doing so, it would provide financial management, operational and administrative support to the programs within the organization. 

To achieve this vision, the Board of Directors Leadership has voted on the establishment of a parent organization, which will retain the name Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative. The current Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative will be renamed the Global Genomic Medicine Consortium. The Consortium, along with the International Hundred K+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC) will become a part of the parent organization, the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative. The acronym (G2MC) and logo will stay with the Consortium, and the website ( will remain the same as well. The parent organization, the Collaborative, will take on the acronym (GGMC) and a website will be created (

Over the next couple of months, the organization will begin to make the necessary changes for this shift to occur, including changing “Collaborative” to “Consortium” across the G2MC website and other organizational materials, and will begin to develop the parent website for the Collaborative. These updates should have minimal impact on our members and global audience as we ease into the transition. For more information about these changes, please take a moment to view our inaugural Annual Report which showcases the growth and activities that have occurred in 2021 that have led to this structural re-organization. The diagram below depicts these changes.


We are excited for this shift as it accommodates our continued growth and will allow for enhanced coordination of joint activities amongst other programs and partners, building the Collaborative as the “go-to” organization for genomic medicine.