G2MC Working Groups & Flagship Projects

G2MC is made up of three Working Groups: Education, Evidence, and Policy. Each group convenes G2MC members to participate in defined projects within that group. Working Groups also work cross-collaboratively with other Working Groups, while supporting and contributing to G2MC Flagship Project initiatives. Select a Working Group or Flagship Project below to learn more and get involved!

Background & How We Work

Working Groups


The Education Working Group aims to assess and facilitate educational activities to prepare providers in the implementation of genomic medicine in clinical practice worldwide.


The Evidence Working Group aims to monitor evidence of the clinical utility of genomic medicine and to promote awareness about current evidence available to support genomic medicine.


The Policy Working Group seeks to analyze policy issues in the implementation of genomic tools and knowledge into health care delivery.

Flagship Projects

Clinics for Rare Genetic Disorders

Implementing evidence-based exome sequencing for the diagnosis of rare uncharacterized and undiagnosed diseases in low and middle-income countries.

Family Health History

Promoting the benefits of family health history for patient self-knowledge, family sharing, public screening, pre-screening for genetic testing in a clinical setting, and research.


Developing strategies for implementing pharmacogenomics data and best practices into clinical use.


G2MC Working Groups were created to support G2MC’s goal of enabling the implementation of genomic medicine worldwide, with a focus on developing and driving programs in less resourced regions of the globe – a sentiment echoed by members during the 2018 G2MC International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Working Groups have been established in the areas of Education, Evidence, and Policy. Concurrently, G2MC Flagship Projects were established to implement specific projects in our membership countries and regions, further allowing for better understanding of their challenges and the development of evidence for continued advancement.

How We Work

G2MC Working Groups comprise G2MC members who participate in defined activities developed within their respective groups, while also working cross-collaboratively with other working groups and providing support to G2MC Flagship Projects. Similarly, Flagship Projects comprise G2MC members and other partners and participants interested in helping advance the project. Working Groups and Flagship Projects work jointly, providing input and assistance, to help each group achieve its goals. 

Working Groups and Flagship Projects are lead by co-leads who convene members on a regular basis and communicate progress and updates to G2MC leadership, members, and the broader community. Interested in getting involved with a Working Group or Flagship Project? Contact us for more information.