Announcing New G2MC Young Investigator Subcommittee

G2MC leadership is excited to announce the formation of a Young Investigator Subcommittee. Since the formation of G2MC, young investigators in the field of genomic medicine have made significant contributions to the organization’s mission and efforts. The enthusiasm that this group brings to the organization embodies the essence of G2MC and the vision shared by its members. 

The subcommittee will be co-chaired by Dr. Nirmala Sirisena with the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Ms. Stefania Koutsilieri, with the University of Patras, Greece. Both currently serve as young investigator representatives on the G2MC Steering Committee and will lead the subcommittee under the mentorship of G2MC Co-Chair Dr. George Patrinos and G2MC member Dr. Juergen Reinhardt. The initial goals for the group will be to establish a charter and goals for the short and long term, lead monthly meetings with other engaged young investigators, identify and coordinate activities and efforts for young investigator contributions to G2MC Working Groups and Flagship Projects, and seek opportunities to impact and influence the field of genomic medicine implementation through the visions of up-and-coming researchers. 

G2MC identifies young investigators as graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, junior faculty, or investigators new to the field of genomic medicine. This group has been actively involved in G2MC projects, conferences, and other activities. As part of the 4th International  Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, G2MC hosted a Young Investigators Forum which invited young investigators from all over the world to attend and showcase their original research. About 60 abstracts were received from young investigators, and nearly all were able to participate in the meeting through oral presentations, flash talks, and/or poster presentations. As a result of the interest in and success of this event, a second Young Investigators Forum is planned to take place during the rescheduled in-person 5th G2MC International  Conference in Santiago, Chile. 

We are enthusiastic about the great potential the Young Investigator Subcommittee will bring to G2MC. If you are a young investigator interested in being a part of the subcommittee or know of someone who would have a committed interest, please email and reference “G2MC Young Investigator Involvement” in the subject line.