Announcing our Young Investigator Award Winner and their Book Selections

Young Investigators (YIs) have always contributed to the efforts and mission of G2MC. The Young Investigator Sub-Committee was established to engage and incorporate YIs in G2MC efforts and to identify areas where the group can uniquely contribute to the advancement of the G2MC mission. At our sixth virtual international conference, several Young Investigators all gave us informative presentations that gave us a glimpse of where they could contribute. Below are the five we’ve selected as the most outstanding, along with their selected G2MC contributor written and edited works.

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Dr. Emma Rey Jurado

'Genomics of Rare Diseases'
Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui, James R. Lupski

Dr. Megan Lynch

'Genomic Medicine in Emerging Economies'
George Patrinos Catalina Lopez-Correa

Dr. Catalina Lagos

'Clinical DNA Variant Interpretation'
George Patrinos, Conxi Lázaro, Jordan Lerner-Ellis, Amanda Spurdle

Dr. Momodou Wuri Jallow

'Genome Plasticity in Health and Disease'
Diego Forero, George Patrinos

Dr. Eduardo Pérez

'Genomics of Rare Diseases'
Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui, James R. Lupski

About the G2MC Young Investigator Sub-Committee

G2MC identifies young investigators as graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, junior faculty, or investigators new to the field of genomic medicine. This group has been actively involved in G2MC projects, conferences, and other activities. As of 2021, we have had YI Presentations for three events annually, and we hope to continue to provide YI members a platform to present their original work at future conferences, virtually or in-person.

G2MC welcomes young investigators from across the globe to participate in our ongoing projects and activities and help G2MC continue to advance our mission. If you are a young investigator interested in being a part of the subcommittee or know of someone who would have a committed interest, please email or use the contact form below and reference “G2MC Young Investigator Involvement” in the subject line or message.

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