WEDI Publishes Fact Sheet on Data Issues in Clinical Genomics

Health IT organization, WEDI, recently published a fact sheet on data issues in clinical genomics. The fact sheet was written by WEDI Genomics Work Group co-chair Grant Wood, who is also part of the G2MC leadership team. The fact sheet summarizes electronic health record (EHR) capabilities when it comes to storing and using genomic data, specifically in clinical practice. 


In general, the health care industry struggles to understand how to better incorporate genomics into patient care. Some of these challenges are attributed to the lack of genomic capabilities of electronic health record (EHR) systems. Basic EHR infrastructure is still missing – relying on PDF formatted reports (genetic/genomic testing labs) and sharing discrete data with the EHR. The question concerning who will pay for testing has slowed EHR innovation in precision medicine. Even as vendors are working to expand their genomics offerings, not every health care delivery system is ready. Providers, vendors, labs, and financial interests all need to come together. The industry needs EHR solutions today for genomic data.