G2MC Early Career Investigator Profile: Tania Vasquez

G2MC is excited to speak with our latest Early Career Investigator looking to invigorate the next era of Genomic Medicine – Tania Vasquez, a House Officer located in Brooklyn, New York.

“I am a House Officer at a pediatrics clinic, mostly serving the Hispanic population in Brooklyn, including children with genetic and developmental conditions,” she noted. “My current position as a House Officer helps me stay updated in clinical practice and have a better understanding of patient care.” 

On top of this, Vasquez is aiming to ensure this position will allow her to accomplish other goals. “I believe this is an excellent opportunity to increase the awareness about the medical care of patients with genetic conditions at the primary care level while providing them with holistic health care,” she said, noting how this always tied into her goals when she chose this career.

 “The possibility to serve and improve the health of vulnerable patients, including children with genetic disorders,” is how she summarizes her initial career objective. She’s particularly proud of the work she’s done with infants and children. “I am proud of collaborating with initiatives for improving health services in newborn screening of congenital heart disease and for children with Down Syndrome in a developing country such as Peru.”

 When not working, Vasquez enjoys spending quality time with her family, hiking, as well as photography.

Her goals align well with those of the G2MC organization – “To decrease the inequalities in healthcare for the people with rare diseases, which should be a major objective in the implementation of genomic medicine.”