FHH Flagship Project Group Shares Ambitious Plan and Goals for 2024

During the G2MC 7th International Conference, held in October 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, the Family Health History (FHH) Flagship Project group announced a significant and aggressive program for 2024. The goal is to follow a ‘universal’ or ‘generalizable’ FHH project plan that includes a series of collaborative steps, from early planning to sharing successes, in support of local, working FHH implementations. Clinical champions from nine countries have already committed to participate in one or many of the plan’s steps.

The first four steps include a survey of clinical colleagues to assess current FHH needs and capabilities, document the desired FHH data elements to be collected, and identify FHH datasets that are currently available and existing methods of collecting data (paper-based, apps or otherwise). The program launched with a focus on hemoglobinopathies, as many countries view this clinical area as a priority, but other familial disorders will also be of interest.

Other steps include participating in a study to validate a family history questionnaire for Hb identification and prevention, and developing policies and protocols for the clinical guidance of genetic testing utilizing FHH assessment results in various clinical and societal settings. A step on building education and training instructions on FHH collection and clinical use is also included. The dissemination step of experiences, lessons learned, and, hopefully, successful local projects will be the long-term result.

The Family Health History Flagship Project’s 2024 program marks a decisive stride toward the clinical implementation of FHH from a global perspective. With enthusiastic participation from the group’s members, the comprehensive plan encompasses critical steps from those who are just beginning, to those who want to take existing progress to the next level. This collaborative effort promises to advance FHH implementations, fostering a shared commitment to improving family health outcomes and genetic understanding.