G2MC Featured Young Investigator: Nafeesa Noordeen

Dr. Nafeesa Noordeen, a member of the G2MC Young Investigator Subcommittee, is originally from Sri Lanka. Her work is primarily at the Human Genetics Institute at the University of Colombo, where she teaches a Master’s course in Molecular Pathology to medical doctors and scientists, with a focus on subjects including Molecular Genetics and Genomics. Dr. Noordeen also has a keen interest in developing CME material for clinicians.

“I hope to produce scientists here that will be familiar with, and contribute to genetics.”

Prior to her work in Sri Lanka, Dr. Noordeen did her post-doctoral research at Imperial College London, UK, in the field of Diabetes and Gene Functional studies in Prof Guy Rutter’s lab. Her doctoral research was at UCL in London, UK, where she looked at mechanisms of transmembrane receptor signaling, noting “I consider myself more a scientist than a medical doctor, you’d think it’s more on the clinical side, but I’m focusing more on the lab side.”

Her further interests include focusing on pharmacogenomics and the discovery of new genetic diagnostic tests for the Sri Lankan population. She also spends time in the world of Scientific Journalism, contributing articles to local publications.

“I enjoy writing, and I hope with my articles, that I can convey certain topics to people outside of medicine,” says Dr. Noordeen.

Through her work, she hopes to contribute to the implementation and adoption of Precision Medicine applications in Sri Lanka.