Family Health History Quick App Review Published by Members of the FHH Flagship Project


Two members of the Family Health History (FHH) Flagship Project co-authored a paper that presents a list of 25 questions a doctor may use to review a family health history app for clinical quality. Grant Wood was the lead technical author, and Dr. Isa Houwink was the lead clinical author. The paper was published in the journal Genes. The FHH Quick App Review is found by downloading the article PDF, or by expanding Table 1 on the web article.

The review questions include topics such as, who are the intended users of the FHH app (health professionals, patients, researchers, genetic/genomic/testing labs), what is the intended use or purpose of the FHH app (to inform, to diagnose, to calculate risk, for patient self-management, etc.), and what are the risks in using the app.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created a technical specification for app developers and app assessment organizations to communicate the quality and reliability of health and wellness apps. This Quick App Review is a family health history focus based on those ISO quality questions.

A Google Form of the FHH Quick App Review is available here.