Family Health History Flagship Project: Update on 2024 Project Plan and Other Group Initiatives

The G2MC Family Health History (FHH) Flagship Project group is moving forward with its 2024 FHH project plan. This generalizable list of 11 steps includes a series of collaborative activities, from early planning to sharing successes, in support of local, working FHH implementations. While efforts are advancing on Step 1 — a survey of clinical colleagues to assess current FHH needs and capabilities — the focus is now moving towards documenting the desired FHH data elements to be collected, identifying FHH datasets that are currently available, and gathering existing methods of collecting data. View all 11 steps of the 2024 FHH project plan.  

In addition to working through these steps, the project group is also hosting presentations during its monthly meetings on other relevant topics, like FHH and pharmacogenomics (presented by Emma Magavern, MD), and using knowledge graphs in predictive modeling with FHH and PGx applications (to be presented by Sotiris Ouzounis, PhD candidate).

Members of our project group are also involved in other G2MC working groups and flagship projects, allowing for coordination of efforts across the organization. This includes the Implementation Projects Working Group, which is building a process to capture proposed local projects (including FHH-related projects), which could then be shared to benefit from G2MC member expertise. Additionally, the Resource Center Working Group is creating an online platform for shareable documents and other tools and resources. FHH-related contributions include a use case sharing and experience matchmaking tool, and an FHH risk algorithm catalog.

Interested in being a part of the FHH Flagship project group? Let us know by filling out the Join Us/Get Involved form. Members of our group are champions of FHH and include clinicians, researchers, academics, technologists, and other professionals from all over the world. Everyone is welcome to participate in our monthly calls and contribute as you are able.