8th G2MC International Conference

- Host Questionnaire Form -

Thank you for your willingness and consideration to host our 8th G2MC International Conference with the continued broad theme of “Genomic Medicine Implementation in Low-Resource Settings.”

We plan that it will occur in approximately 18 months after October 2023 (timeframe:  March 2025).

Please complete the questionnaire below by 30 November 2023 to help us determine which venue will best suit our needs.

Summary of Host Duties:

G2MC is in search of a host with the capacity to co-lead monthly planning meetings, work with local conference management group for venue set-up, solicit sponsorship of the meeting from local companies, secure translation services (as needed), engage Early Career Investigators (ECIs) in the region, involve local representatives from academia and/or government officials as speakers, hosts, and sponsors. Further details of exact needs are outlined within the questionnaire. You may wish to download PDF of this questionnaire to gather the data needed and then come back to complete and submit the form.

We will be in contact shortly thereafter if we need to follow up on any information provided. Responses will be reviewed and selected by the Executive Committee.