The adoption of genomic testing as part of routine clinical care involves many complex issues and while there is much activity in the area, the development of the sequencing capability continues to outstrip the ability of health systems to integrate the technology into clinical practice.

The Policy Working Group aims to identify and share best practices from across the global genomic medicine community for a range of policy issues. Where appropriate the Policy Working group will liaise with the other G2MC Working Groups.


The Policy Working Group has a program of activities which currently incorporates the development of:

  • a web-based resource that provides information on genomic medicine implementation initiatives and related policy issues as well as links to relevant resources and organisations
  • a roadmap for implementation of genomic medicine – outlining policy issues for consideration


Genomics Policy Website

The Genomics Policy Website (link is external) provides information on policy approaches to facilitate the integration of genomics into healthcare. It includes a catalog of global genomic medicine implementation initiatives. It also provides links to relevant organizations, events, and media.