Policy Working Group

Mission Statement
The Policy Working Group Analyzes policy issues in the implementation of genomic tools and knowledge into health care delivery
Catalina Lopez-Correa (Canada) and Sue Hill (UK)
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  • Implementation of policies for new and existing genomic technologies into clinical care
  • Develop an ‘asset map’ for policies that exist or that are needed for genomic medicine implementation associated with the patient care pathway 
  • Maintain a catalog of genomic medicine policies around the world
  • Analyze and develop the policy agenda to support the Flagship Projects

The Policy Working Group has a program of activities which currently incorporates the development of:

  • a web-based resource that provides information on genomic medicine implementation initiatives and related policy issues as well as links to relevant resources and organisations
  • a roadmap for implementation of genomic medicine – outlining policy issues for consideration

The Genomics Policy Website (link is external) provides information on policy approaches to facilitate the integration of genomics into healthcare. It includes a catalog of global genomic medicine implementation initiatives. It also provides links to relevant organizations, events, and media.

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