Prof. Juergen Reichardt

Juergen Reichardt

Adjunct Professor, Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University, Australia

Juergen Reichardt rejoined JCU (James Cook University) as an Adjunct Professor in the AITHM (Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine) in retirement.

Juergen most recently served at YachayTech University, founded as the first research-intensive university in Ecuador, as the Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation, equivalent to the role of a DVC R&I in Australia, a pro- or vicerector R&I in Europe or a VP R&I in the US. He previously served as the Head of School, Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences, at JCU as well as in other functions such as Associate Dean, Research for the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Molecular Sciences.

Furthermore, Juergen has a long scientific career beginning in biochemistry and molecular biology which evolved further into molecular epidemiology as well as a long and enduring commitment to human genetics and human genomics. 

Currently, Juergen chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) and he also serves on the Diagnostic Scientific Committee (DSC) of IRDIRC, the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium, the management team of G2MC, the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative, and the scientific advisory board of the Golden Helix Foundation. Juergen cofounded ERCAL a group of scientists, clinicians and patient advocates working on rare diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, Juergen also serves on some 10 editorial boards and regularly reviews grant applications in various countries. He is an Associate Editor of Human Genomics and guest editor for COVID-19 also at Human Genomics. Juergen is also a guest editor for Indigenous Health at the journal Methods and Protocols.

Lastly, Juergen has lived in seven countries on four continents bringing a truly international perspective to his endeavours. He also enjoys swimming very much.

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