The Policy Working Group aims to identify and share best practices from across the global genomic medicine community for a range of policy issues. Where appropriate the Policy Working group will liaise with the other G2MC Working Groups.


The Policy Working Group has a program of activities which currently incorporates the development of a roadmap for implementation of genomics, including a review of what’s been done with a subtask of defining health values that matter in genomics and any differences for low, middle and high income countries. It also includes the genomics knowledge transfer collaborative partnership – a tech transfer mechanism between countries to encourage greater sharing of policies and approaches including genetic test evaluation frameworks, approaches to health economics evaluations; best practice in return of results, etc.

Genomics Policy Website

The Genomics Policy Website provides information on policy approaches to facilitate the integration of genomics into healthcare. It includes a catalogue of global genomic medicine implementation initiatives. It also provides links to relevant organizations, events, and media.