Genomic Medicine Training Programme for Medical Professionals in Sri Lanka

The Department of Anatomy, Genetics and Biomedical Informatics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka introduced a short course designed to equip medical doctors to integrate genetic and genomic information into their routine clinical practice in January 2021.

The course is mainly aimed at providing training to medical doctors in the core concepts in clinical genetics and genomics and their applications in healthcare. This 3-months hybrid short course is conducted twice yearly in January and July, by a team of experts in the field of genomic medicine, including members of the GGMC.

So far, a total of 31 medical professionals have been trained and very positive feedback was received. Trainees were appreciative of the opportunity given to them to update their knowledge and skills and to integrate genetics & genomics into their day-to-day clinical practice for improved patient management. With a view to further promote the course, this short video clip was developed recently and circulated widely among medical professionals.

Article Compiled by Dr. Nirmala Sirisena – Training Coordinator